How To Listen

Podcasting is a fantastic new medium delivering what you want to hear, when you want to hear it.  If you don't know where to start, pick a platform and you can start listening right now for free!

Waterfall Stories Website

You can listen right here on! Click the button to the right to go to our list of shows, pick something that interests you, then click on an episode and hit play!



Apple's Podcast app is the place to listen if you are in the iEcosystem. Click the button to be taken to iTunes page for Alex Gabbet's Case Notes and listen now! Click view in iTunes and hit Subscribe to get the latest episode!


If you want the convenience of YouTube, we've got you covered! All our shows are organised into playlists so just click on a show and it'll take care of everything for you! Don't forget to click subscribe and ring the notification bell to the latest episodes when they go live!

Waterfall Stories works with Million Dollar Podcast to host the audio podcast, this link will take you to Million Dollar Podcast's YouTube channel

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is my personal favourite podcast app, it does cost a couple dollars per device but it'll sync between web, android, and iOS. They don't sponsor us and we have no relationship but if you want to listen to your podcasts where I listen to mine - This is it! -Harley Graham 


If you're a fan of the dedicated podcast service Stitcher, you don't have to go anywhere else to get our shows in your app!

Your Favourite Podcasting App or RSS Reader

If you use another podcast app and can't find us by searching within the app you can let us know and you can get the RSS link from Feed Burner on right to start listening now!